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Pedido de pluralismo de la Asociación Francesa de Economía Política

Comparto el mensaje que me llega por la Societies for the History of Economics
Dear Heterodox Economists, 
Below is a petition/campaign organized by the French Association of Political Economy. I am forwarding this message on behalf of Bruno Tinel. 

The French Association of Political Economy is now launching an international campaign called "Pluralism Now!". Please sign the petition.

Your help to promote this petition and disseminate informations about it would be much appreciated.
All the best,

Bruno Tinel

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

There is some contextual and background information, as well the petition on this page:

with a statistical note: «Evolution of Economics Professors Recruitment since 2000 in France. The End of Pluralism»

an opinion column by André Orléan and 150 social scientists « Economists also need competition » Le Monde 2015/01/19

a letter from Jean Tirole against pluralism

an open letter to Jean Tirole: « Intellectual diversity is not a source of obscurantism and relativism but rather of innovations and discoveries! » January 2015

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